AMENDED MINDS, INC. - Our mission is to change the lives of our at risk youth
About Us                 
The Preventive Mentoring Model is based on 6 key points:

  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Mentality
  • Substance
  • Vision
These  6 points are the guiding principles around which our model is designed. Our mission is to intervene in at risk communities and to be a viable grass roots movement devoted to changing and improving the lives of our at risk youth. We are in the early "seed" stages of our movement and  our work and resources are in the field where we can directly impact the at risk communities that we are striving to change and improve.  We have found this approach to be very effective,  as it encourages trust and respect (2 of our key principles) from members of the community when they see our movement  is willing to operate in "the trenches" alongside members of  the community.  Because our work is focused directly on working within the community , we do not have a concrete location/office at this time. We have the support of the local church (believers) any facilities or resource needs will be met.


Charlotte is one of the fastest growing Cities in the U.S., not every family or person relocating to this region is doing so in good faith. If we do not build and support our youth who are generational implants and just allow the upward mobility for those who are migrating here from across the nation, we’re going to have pockets of isolated communities. People who come to Charlotte for economic reasons just see this City as a promise land. Those who are investment groups and individual entrepreneurs most likely do not have strong ties with the community. In this (rapid) growth of our city, history has shown that crime and corruption will also come. The riot downtown a few years ago Sep 2016, I personally feel was a wake-up call, a sign of what could come if we do not be PRO-ACTIVE and get our house in order. The RNC are going to bring gifts but they are not for the general welfare of our city but will seek to enrich themselves. The conservatives see the pace of economic growth and future potential of our city they simply want to flip Charlotte. We cannot allow that to happen. All this construction up town and beyond the surrounding wards is good for the economy but there has to be an attempt first and then a passionate movement to bring some balance to the equation. Residential and commercial gentrification have dominated this economy and should be met with propping up the schools in the inner city in place of offering vouchers to inner city kids to attend a successful school out in the suburbs. When select kids from low income communities attend schools out of their communities, the most vital element/resource is missing. They will see the communities where they attend “good schools” as a place they would want to live because not only the schools are better but everything in those communities are better, so they’re not going to even think or see that they could build up the community they live in.   
We moved to Springfield off of Nations Ford Rd in the summer of 1978, at that time there was not a library or rec. center in the entire corridor and still at present date nothing’s changed. I want to first start a track team in district 3 off of Nations Ford Rd; hopefully I can get access to E.E. Waddell’s track. The team will be for ages 10-16 male and female at no charge. All youth will be accepted as long as they meet the age requirement and registration. I’m choosing a track team in place of basketball and soccer based on my personal experiences participating in football, basketball and track, from age 10 playing for PAL to my senior year of high school. I’ve  noticed in recent years how sports has become big business, a lot of pressure and bullying, especially when a kid doesn’t have the athleticism to make a cut or if they do make the team they may not be good enough to be a starter or get very little playing time. In track and field this is not the case, everyone can participate in one or more events and won’t have to worry about being bullied. One, because bullying will not be tolerated at all, and two, the comradery among track athletes is greater than any other sport. In the other three major sports the loser is often reluctant to shake the hands of the team that just beat them. In track and field not only do the competitors shake hands and congratulate each other but often times they forge relationships that go beyond the track and many of them are such good friends that they actually train together  I would say that’s the opposite of bullying and is something that everyone should support. I’ve never seen a fight, an argument or one team member shouting at another in my four years of track and field. The reason the comradery in track and field is so awesome is simply because no one is under pressure to win but encouraged to just do their best, and if you don’t place first it’s OK, there are three more slots in that event and more events and heats in that meet on that day so participants can see that if they felt like they didn’t do well at that time then they have multiple opportunities to redeem themselves that day. That’s a huge relief not to have the burden of “if you lose then that’s it” for that day, so their heads hang low and don’t feel so up to shaking the hands of their opponents. And sometimes arguments and fights break out among teammates over blaming a teammate for a loss.
The track and field movement will be implemented throughout the city at select schools. I have acquired special training methods one of which helped me set a school record in 1982 and at one point I was the leader in my event in this state. This is good, really good, because once the kids who are participating begin to see how they are personally increasing in athleticism and winning meets, they will totally commit. This in turn will give them something that they control and give them a bright and clear vision and be a foundation to build from, them being able to see a future and possibilities. The best thing is that they will never have to worry or think about making a cut or riding the bench. So this will also cut back on the possibility of bullying because everybody’s participating and are on equal ground. No star players, no number one jerseys, everyone’s treated as equals and will be offered the same opportunities and encouragement, absolutely no favoritism in any case.
The name for the track team:

 A.O.P.P. (All Out Positive Performers)in life.

The name of the total youth who join Amended minds across the board:

T.U.Y.M.(The United Youth Movement) for all youth.Pronounced (Time).   

If you would like to learn more about the Preventive Mentoring Model contact our Director, Keenan Davis at (704) 264-7225
 or submit your contact info on the contact us page. 

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